Exciting Entrepreneur Contest in Mason County

 A once in a lifetime opportunity, just a competition away.

Mason County is looking for a new business to start up or expand in the county.

The prize is $50,000. The Ludington and Scottville Area Chamber of Commerce is putting on the unique business plan competition. “I just really want to encourage everyone who’s ever had a dream, or has a start up business sitting on the desk at home, put those plans together and come see us,” says Jim Scatena, president of FloraCraft.

Mason County is looking to make a dream a reality for an entrepreneur, awarding them $50,000. “The ultimate goal is to get a new business here in Mason County or to help an existing business go to the next phase,” says Kathy Maclean, president of the Ludington & Scottville Chamber of Commerce.

A local organization called Pennies from Heaven came up with the Momentum Business Plan Competition and even gave the prize money to support it. Maclean says, “It really will create that buzz that you want in your community as far as new business and just growth.”

Eager entrepreneurs will submit their idea online and then a panel will pick the top 5 who will move on to the next phase of the competition. “We’re going to have a pitch night where the top 5 come and give a presentation and then that night we’ll decide who our winner is and they get their first portion of the money of the $50,000,” says Maclean.

Once the company wins and meets their next benchmark they will then be given another portion of the prize money.

Jim Scatena is the president of FloraCraft and says he’s excited to see the community grow. “We’re trying to create and foster an atmosphere of entrepreneurism in this community and we want to attract and retain creative young people who have ideas for businesses that they might otherwise have to take out of the community,” says Scatena.

Jim is also going to be a panel member and has some insight as to what he’s going to be looking for. “I don’t want to give away too many secrets before the event but I think the item that will be number 1 in my mind is the passion that the individual/entrepreneur has for their idea,” says Scatena.

The contest starts May 1st, for more information on how to apply the Momentum Business Plan Competition website.