Residents Raise Concerns About Hoosier Valley Rd. Gun Ranges

Concerns over a controversial shooting range.

Neighbors say people who use the Grand Traverse County site are ignoring the rules.

The Department of Natural Resources says they continue to deal with the problems.

The state owned land is on Hoosier Valley Road in Blair Township in Grand Traverse County.

In 2013, the DNR put several rules in place.

That’s because people who live in the area were worried for their safety, and said the shooting was disruptive.

Now, they say users are still not following those rules.

Signs like this are posted at the gun range on Hoosier Valley Road.

And a list of rules are posted on a wooden board in front of the area.

But Dave Conn who lives down the road says the signs are making no difference.

“It would be nice if they had a place that was supervised all the time where there are restrictions of what they can do and can’t do,” said Conn. 

The area is open nine to sunset and closed on Sundays.

Conn says he hears gun shots at all hours of the day.

“There are still some people that come out before nine and people that stay out here well after seven,” said Conn. “Some people are still shooting at targets that are not allowed to be shot.”

David Lemmien with the DNR says they have issued some citations in the area.

“We have not had 100 percent compliance on those rules, however we do have them in place,” said Lemmien. “Our conservation officers are in the area monitoring the situation and the site.”

They are working to find alternative areas where people can shoot.

“We have funding that has been put in place for the 2016 budget. The state budget will provide us funding for construction of new ranges not only for the Grand Traverse site, but a few other sites statewide,” said Lemmien. “We are also almost ready to sign a contract for a sound test to take place on the potential sites we have picked.”

Meanwhile Conn hopes these plans are finalized soon.

“I would just like to see our area cleaned up and have it look the way it looked when I first came out here,” said Conn.