Family Remembers Those Killed in Car Fire

 Investigators identified three people found dead inside a burning car in the Upper Peninsula.

Now a family member of two of the three victims wants answers.

State police are not calling it a homicide right now.

The SUV was found burning on a gravel road in Doyle Township in Schoolcraft County.

Now, families of the victims in Newberry and Gould City say they want to know how the fire started.

Investigators say this man, Jody Hutchinson from Gould City died in the fire.

Along two sisters from Newberry, Carrie Nelson and Heather Aldrich.

Family of the sisters say it’s been a tough week and they still have so many questions.

“Our family is devastated they were beautiful girls from the day they were born. They were both  full of life you know, its just been so hard,” said their Aunt, Kimberley Morrison.

Investigators say they’re still investigating, but say the SUV was parked when it started on fire.