Spring Means New Additions to Oswald’s Bear Ranch

It’s Spring and at Oswald’s Bear Ranch that means cubs.

It’s an exciting time for the ranch as they welcome the baby bears, and watch the adults wake up.

The ranch in Newberry added three new members to their big bear family this year.

The owner of Oswald’s Bear Ranch, Dean Oswald expects a new addition to the family every year.

“You get attached to them an its fun watching them grow. It’s fun, cubs are fun, whatever young dogs whatever it may be babes are cute. They’re rambunctious and a handful also.”

Oswald’s Bear Ranch says they love Spring because of the potential new cubs.

But this weeks cold temperatures meant they had to bring these little guys inside for a while.

“Normally they stay outside for the first month and a half.. Because the winter were bringing them in at night. Its does make a mess but its making the bears happy. They got out last week we put them in the habitat they jumped over the railing and tore the house up.”

The cold winter can be tough on the bears.

An ice layer can prevent the bears from breathing during hibernation..

Right now, they’re still waiting for one to wake up.

“Every year when the bears wake up, we wait to see which bears made it through the winter, that is generally when you lose them, they hibernate and their breathing slows down, you never know if all the bears will make it out.”

For now they are just enjoying the new company and waiting for summer.