Trees To Be Planted in Downtown Mt. Pleasant

There’s a big push to bring more trees to a local downtown city.

The trees will be planted throughout Mt. Pleasant in Isabella County, but especially downtown.

The city has replaced more than 45 trees over the last four years.

The plan to replace the trees started when problems with the emerald ash borer led to the spread of tree disease.

Now a downstate company is working with the city.

They will plant different kinds of tree species that are less susceptible to pests and disease.

“City of Mt. Pleasant is pretty passionate about its trees,” says Bill Mrdeza, City of Mt. Pleasant Community Service and Development Director. “The residents enjoy the tree line canopy along their residential streets and certainly the folks in downtown, the business owners, appreciate the shade, the coolness the trees bring and also they appreciate the fact that it attracts people into their downtown.”

The new trees will start going up downtown in early May.

The project is scheduled to take about two weeks.