UPDATE: Woman Accused of Deadly Shooting Facing Open Murder Charges

“We’ve never had anything like this ever happen. It’s terrible. I don’t understand it.”

We now know the name of a woman accused of murdering a man in a busy apartment parking lot this weekend.

People living nearby heard several gunshots and called police. When officers got there, they found a man shot to death inside of his car.

The deadly shooting happened at the Chase Run Apartment complex in Mt. Pleasant Saturday afternoon.

Mary Lou Bigford now faces five different charges, from pre-meditated murder to attacking Lawrence Howard, Jr., before killing him in his car.

Police say Bigford is the maternal grandmother of Howard’s daughter.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Jeff Blakeman went to the complex where police found howard dead and spoke with neighbors and have more on our continuing coverage.


People living in the Chase Run Apartments where Lawrence Howard, Jr., was shot and killed are still reacting to the violence.

Right now investigators believe the motive could be linked to a family dispute gone wrong.

“That poor boy,” says Jeanne Worthington, who lives near the scene of the shooting. “The lord will hold him in his arms and I blessed him and I said a prayer for him, you know? It was terrible.”

Lawrence Howard, Jr., is dead. His daughter’s grandmother accused of pulling the trigger.

Today, Mary Lou Bigford was tearful as she heard the charges against her.

The charges come two days after police found Howard dead in his car in this parking space.

Investigators say it could all stem back to a family fight that ended violently.

“There is a family issue that was ongoing and that’s what we are investigating right now and following up other leads with,” says Officer Jeff Brown of the Mt. Pleasant Police Department.

“I couldn’t believe this violence is going on,” Worthington says. “I hate it. It scares me. That’s why I stay in my house.”

Jeanne Worthington lives only a few yards away.

She wasn’t home when it happened but she says it was still far too close to home.

“It’s terrible. I don’t understand it,” Worthington says. “Why would someone do something like that, take someone’s life. It’s unreal.”

While police continue to investigate, Jeanne says she hopes something like this never happens again…

…and Howard is in a better place.

“I asked the lord to forgive that woman for doing what she did, the violence that she did in killing that man and to hold him, Howard, in your arms and bring him peace,” Worthington says. “I know when he goes to heaven, he’s all well. Nothing’s wrong with him.”

Bigford is still being held in the Isabella County Jail without bond.


New details on a deadly shooting that claimed the life of a downstate man over the weekend.

The investigation continues after a woman shot a man several times, killing him in an apartment parking lot on Saturday.

The suspect behind the shooting is charges with 1st degree, open murder.

The deadly shooting happened at the Chase Run apartments in Mount Pleasant.

State police say a 52-year-old Gilmore Township woman identified as Mary Lou Bigford is in custody after neighbors say she came out of her apartment and shot a Fenton man several times before driving off.

When neighbors heard the gunshots, they called 911.

The woman is now facing open murder charges in the Isabella County courthouse.

We have a crew in the courtroom today, working to bring you more details behind this shocking incident.