Illegal Burn Causes Harbor Springs Brush Fire

An Emmet County brush fire spread through four acres. 
It destroyed land that belonged to the man who was illegally burning and a neighbor. T
he homeowner was using a burn barrel — and the fire got out of control

It. damaged a home and two properties in harbor springs, but no one was hurt. 

“A young individual just bought the house had a burn barrel outside cleaning up around the yard, some embers fell out and caught the ground around it on fire,” said John Cupps, Assistant Fire Chief.

The aftermath of a brush fire in harbor springs.
The assistant fire chief tells us a burn ban was in effect, and the dry weather fueled the fire.

“Light winds with the dry conditions, it doesn’t take long for the fire to spread and once it gets going it builds up heat and doesn’t take much wind to spread. Pay attention to the burn bans campfires, make sure you have a water source nearby.”

Neighbor Jason Lewellen says they were lucky.
He got a call from his daughters that a fire was approaching their home.
This is what his yard looks like now.

“My main concern was my girls making sure they were ok they were both in tears upset and freaked out. I was pretty worried especially on the drive home that it would get to the house or garage, we’ve got snowmobiles sitting there stuff like that which all have gas in them.”

No one was hurt, and the fire chief says the damage to the house where the man was burning can be repaired.

Neighbors say they are glad everything was put out before it got out of hand.

“Just glad the girls are ok more than anything, the rest of the stuff could have been replaced but they can’t.”