Marion Public Schools Taken Off ‘Low Performance’ List

After five years on a list of low-performing schools, the State Superintendent says many are doing well, including this one in Northern Michigan.

Thursday, 27 Michigan schools were taken off the State Priority List.

That means they are no longer at the bottom of the ladder in terms of student achievement.

Marion Public Schools in Osceola County was one of them.

Marion High School was placed on the list five years ago.

It was in the bottom five-percent of schools for quality of student performance.

Since then, the superintendent says the school, with the help of professional redesigners, is back on track and test scores are improving.

“We say, ‘What’s still working? Let’s keep doing it. What’s now working? Maybe we’ll eliminate that.,'” says Superintendent Mort Meier. “Always tweaking it so we’ll continue to do what works and we’ll continue to find new and better methods and implement them as we go.”

The superintendent says they are well on their way toward reaching their goal: 95 percent of students scoring 85 percent and higher in reading and math.