Florida Mailman Faces Four Years In Prison After Landing Gyrocopter On Capitol Lawn

A Florida mailman on home detention after flying his Gyrocopter past the White House and Washington Monument without being detected. 

He then landed on the West Lawn of the Capitol. 

Doug Hughes was charged with operating an unlicensed aircraft and violating National Defense Airspace. 

Hughes was released yesterday and is under home detention while he waits for the trial. 

He faces up to four years in prison. 

Hughes wanted to deliver letters asking Congress to take up campaign finance reform. 

But lawmakers say the content of the letters is less important than how they were delivered. 

“The chain of events that happened afterwards I think is going to invoke a lot of questions by members. If you didn’t detect it, Why? And if you did, why didn’t we hear about it? Those are two really important questions that need to be answered,” said Dan Bongino, former Secret Service Agent. 

Lawmakers say they will hold hearings to look into the incident.