Deputies Rescue Dog From Silver Lake

A dog high-tailing it after a deer fell through the thin ice on a Grand Traverse County lake.

The Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Department and Grand Traverse Metro Fire responded to the call around four o’clock Thursday afternoon.

Someone spotted the dog in Silver Lake near Grawn and called for help.

Zachary Crewes is relieved tonight knowing his two-year-old german shepherd, Ajax is back home — warm and safe.

“It is definitely a lot of relief just to know that one of my really good friends is safe and not at the bottom of the lake,” said Crewes. 

Crewes says Ajax jumped over this cage in their backyard— went running after a deer and fell through the ice on Silver Lake.

“I was in a little bit of disbelief that he ran onto the ice and fell through,” said Crewes. 

Ajax was about 70 yards away from shore.  

Grand Traverse County Deputies quickly grabbed the nearest boat and paddled to rescue the frightened dog.

“We watched him go completely under the water a couple times. Eventually, he ended up putting his head on the edge of the ice and held himself up out of the water,” said Sergeant Brandon Brinks, Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Department.

About 30 minutes later, two sheriff deputies and one Grand Traverse Metro firefighter were able to get Ajax out of the water.

“One of the firefighters was able to get a mustang suit on, come on out and give us a hand,” said Deputy John Scheiding, Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Department. 

“We were able to get the dog into the boat and attach a rope to the front of the boat. Then, some people on shore grabbed the rope and pulled us back to shore,” said Sergeant Brinks.

Now, Crewes says he will be making some changes to Ajax’s cage, so something like this doesn’t happen again.

“We’re going to be putting chicken wire over the top of it, so he can’t actual jump out. We will also be replacing some of the sections that aren’t strong enough.”