Bear Creek Organic Farm Awarded $10,000 USDA Grant

 An organic farm in Petoskey, was just awarded a large grant to do a study on bee colonies

Bear Creek Organic Farm is getting $10,000 from the USDA to research over-wintering strategies of honey bees.

The farm tells us the last two winters, have been hard on the bee colonies.  

Now, they plan to explore options like placing the hives in shelter.

They will try different things like hoop houses and pole barns to see what has the best outcome.  

Bear creek is hoping to find a way for people up north to keep their colonies alive and well

“We’re going to put data loggers inside each hive including the controls that’s going to control the temperature and humidity every hour on the hour – from November through April,” said Owner, Brian Bates.

They plan to take all that data and find out the most accessible and smart ways to take care of the colonies in cold weather.