Clare County Father Accused of Making Meth And Exposing Son At The Home

 “There is no kid that deserves to be in that environment at all, whether the parent is making it, selling it, cooking it, using it themselves,” said Tina Brownridge, a neighbor of Daniel Wilson.

Neighbors who know this Clare County man are in disbelief.

The sheriff says Daniel Wilson made meth — with his nine year old son in the house.

It started last night when deputies got a call from the MidMichigan Medical Center in Clare.

They said a young boy was being checked out after being exposed to meth.

Deputies then went to the boy’s home in Lake George and say they found his father had just finished cooking meth.

The Clare County Sheriff says he was trying to destroy some of the evidence when deputies arrived.

Sheriff John Wilson says the boy is in fine health and is now with his mother.

But he stresses this environment was not safe..

Health professionals say the effects of exposure can be damaging.

“It’s so dangerous,” Sheriff Wilson said. “And then to expose a kid, a child to it, let alone an adult to it, I mean that’s pretty bad.”

The chemicals used to make meth are hazardous.

The sheriff says they can cause explosions and fires.

MidMichigan Health Doctor Abid Kahn says inhaling the fumes alone poses is a big health risk.

“So if the father was doing this on a daily basis, then the child will develop health consequences as a chronic exposure and what would normally translate in children is depression, agitation, restlessness,” Dr. Kahn said.

Dr. Kahn says this action fuels the cycle of addiction.

“The other side of this is the child is being nurtured in an environment where this is acceptable. I call this mothering where the drug becomes milk and the child is seeing that this is acceptable and this is almost a clear and a go ahead sign that you can use meth as well,” he said.

Neighbors say they saw daniel wilson as a good father, a good person, and never imagined he would do something like this.

The Brownridge’s say their kids played with his son and this is all very unsettling.

“It’s terrifying,” Tina Brownridge said. “He plays with my son, and my son would go down and pick him up and they would come down here. So knowing that really any of our kids could have been exposed to it and any waste being outside that they could have been exposed to is terrifying.”

According to Dr. Kahn children exposed to drug use is not uncommon and needs to be addressed.

“This is the sign of our times, that the drug epidemic is now huge that its common,” he said. “We should expect that this would be a finding that the child would be exposed to such drug abuse and exposure in the house.”

Daniel Wilson is in the Clare County jail.

He is charged with possessing meth and having a meth lab.

The sheriff says there was another person cooking meth with him, but they left before deputies arrived.