UPDATE: Drunk Driver Leads Police on High Speed Chase Across Multiple Counties

“I’ve never had a suspect stop for me after they’ve already decided to run.”

After miles running from police at speeds of over 100 miles per hour in a stolen truck, a drunk driver surrendered peacefully.

It started with Traverse City Police getting a call that someone drove off in a truck parked at West Side Beverage on West Front Street.

Sheriff’s deputies caught up with him and tried to pull him over.

When they turned their lights on, he took off.

The chase started on M-72 in Grand Traverse County.

Deputies called off the pursuit near Chum’s Corners.

State troopers then caught up to the driver in Wexford County and stopped him near Mesick.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Jacob Johnson talked with the officer who chased down the suspect to walk you through the details for tonight’s Top Story.


State troopers, sheriff’s deputies and city police all threw themselves into the situation, trying to stop the man behind the wheel of the stolen truck.

“He would go over across into the other lane of traffic, although there was nothing coming,” says Sgt. Norma Naylor from the Michigan State Police, Cadillac Post. “He was still all over the road.”

Traverse City Police say a 26-year-old Muskegon man stole a truck that was parked and running from in front of this local business.

When deputies caught up with him, he floored it.

“It was traveling at a high rate of speed,” says Detective Captain Randy Fewless from the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department. “The deputy tried to stop the vehicle. The vehicle would not stop and continued to drive at very high rates of speed.”

Sometimes reaching over 100 miles per hour, weaving through traffic at this intersection.

“The deputies made a call at that point in time to end the pursuit due to the amount of traffic in the particular Chum’s Corner area,” Fewless says.

During the day, the intersection is already extremely busy but police say at night, it’s still just as bad so when the chase situation was actually going on, it made for a more dangerous situation.

“A couple of times, he had gone off the road,” Naylor says.

Sgt. Norma Naylor heard the call from her position near Buckley and caught up with the driver.

“There were times that I’d back off to give him more room because he’d go off the road and you’d see a cloud of dust,” Naylor says.

With the help of two Wexford County Sheriff’s deputies and state troopers, Sgt. Naylor followed him until he suddenly stopped.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever had anybody just stop and surrender,” Naylor says. “His explanation was he was tired of running. It was a terrific collaboration between the departments.”

The suspected drunk driver is expected to be charged on numerous crimes tomorrow morning.


A report of a stolen car led to a high-speed chase that stretched across multiple counties.

The chase started late Tuesday night in Grand Traverse County on M-37.

Due to the driver’s recklessness, deputies called off the chase near Chums Corner.

But state police spotted the man again on M-37 near Mesick, and finally got him to stop.

Traverse City Police were first told a red Dodge pick-up was stolen from the parking lot of West Side Beverage on West Front Street.

Grand Traverse County deputies caught up with him heading south on M-37.

But the driver sped off, reaching speeds of more than 100 miles per hour.

That’s when deputies called off the chase to keep other drivers safe.

State police found a truck matching the description later that night in Mesick and arrested the the driver.

Troopers say the 26-year-old Muskegon man was extremely drunk.


The man accused of leading police on a high-speed chase in a stolen truck will likely face a judge tomorrow.

The man faces charges of driving drunk, running from police, reckless driving, and stealing a vehicle.