Controversy Over Campground Tree Removal

Tree removal by the DNR is causing controversy at a Northern Michigan campground.

The preventative maintenance has been taking place near Meredith in Gladwin County.

The DNR began removing rotting trees that where in danger of falling near campsites.

In the process they discovered oak wilt spreading through the forest.

That lead to the removal of infected trees and others as a precaution.

One man we spoke with has been visiting the campground for years and feels the DNR went too far.

“This was such a beautiful place. It was like semi-private camping,” said camper Jon St. Croix. “The sites are far enough apart and there was always enough cover to make you feel like you where by yourself. It was great, it was really great, and it’s gone. It will never be the same.” 

The DNR will continue clearing debris and have the park ready for summer visitors in the next few weeks.