Construction Season Woes in Northern Michigan

A busy stretch of US-31 in Traverse City is under construction.

And slowing down traffic.

It is truly orange barrel season in Northern Michigan.

And like we told you yesterday, Grand Traverse County is tackling 25 projects from now until Fall.

This first project involves this stretch of US-31; between 3 mile and Holiday Road.

9 and 10 News Charlie Tinker joins us live tonight from the construction zone with more on the project and driving conditions.

We’re here on US-31 in the middle of the action.

As you can see, I’ve got my orange vest on, safety first, and we are in the middle of an active construction zone…

And speaking of construction, as you can see behind me, things are really ramping up.

A lot of the heavy equipment’s been rolled-out and MDOT crews are busy resurfacing this one-point-five mile stretch between 3 mile and Holiday Road.

While we saw some delays yesterday, it was not the scene it is today…

With the additional lane closures, things are down now to one lane in either direction.

There are numerous cars here, just waiting to pass through.

But some of the drivers we talked to told us its not that bad just yet.

But according to MDOT, this is just the beginning of the traffic headache.

“This is what you’re going to see for the next 5 to 6 weeks and during peak times it will be a little worse.  This road sees over 30,000 cars a day, there are no good alternate routes. It’s a slowdown but you’re getting where you need to be for now but when traffic doubles or triples like it does in the summer, it’s probably not going to flow like it is.”

Crews tell us that the businesses along this stretch are all open for business.

But for drivers, the completion date of June 27, seems very far away.