Today is National Beer Day : Let’s Celebrate

It’s National Beer Day.

So while you pour yourself a cold one, you may also be interested to learn where the celebration originated.

National Beer Day commemorates when prohibition on beer was lifted on April 7, 1933.

In honor of the day, many area brew pubs are celebrating with a pint.

Right Brain Brewing Company is partaking in the festivities with a special version of their Tuesday Trivia, consisting of questions all about the barley and the hops.

Brewers say this day reminds Americans about how far our freedoms have come.

“When you get down to the foundation of it that’s why National Beer Day is important. The idea that you are an adult, you are of age, you can absolutely have a beer, you can have a great beer.”

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the United States.

As a country, we consume 205.8 million barrels per year, or about 20 gallons per person.