Four Meth Lab Dump Sites Discovered in Past Week

Four meth lab dump sites were found in the last week in areas near Lake City and Cadillac in Missaukee and Wexford Counties.

“Pretty crazy. I’ve never experienced anything like that personally out in this part of Cadillac,” Cadillac Resident Anders Garner said.

Michigan State Police and the Traverse Narcotics Team have dismantled the four meth lab dump sites in the past week.

The findings concern Garner since one was on property he owns — and since he has kids.

“That’s a scary thought. To think that just a mile down the road on a dead end dirt road which I also live on, that somebody would be dumping that stuff.”

Every dump site had suspicious backpack or bottles — and was spotted by someone just walking by.

Those people called police, which is exactly what you should do.

“Understand that these chemicals are sometimes so volatile that the meth response team themselves wear protective clothing that is not available sometimes to even the public 14:19

There are certain stray objects you should tell police if you find.

“What the folks should be looking for maybe some type of coal and camping fuel that type of thing, stripped down batteries,” Cadillac Michigan State Police Sergeant Scott Bates said. “Any type of tubing, or maybe jars or bottles that have tubing fastened to them in some type of manner, any type of maybe two liter pop bottles that may look like they’re under pressure.”

For Garner, the incidents make everyday play a little unsettling.

“Makes me question, you know, wanting to let my kids ride their bikes up and down our little dead end road here,” Garner said.

He is going to make sure his kids are more cautious after the dump site discoveries.

“I need to tell them, ‘Hey, I know you want to pick up trash and be good with the environment, but if you see something that looks way out of place, make sure you come get me or your mom.’”