Evergreen Resort Prepares Easter Brunch for Hundreds

With Easter being tomorrow, local restaurants are expecting some pretty big crowds. 

The Evergreen Resort in Cadillac was busy this afternoon preparing for tomorrows feast. They actually started making food a few days ago. They’ll go through 20 pounds of ham, 20 pounds of fish and nearly 50 tortes and pies all to feed the expected 600 guests.

For many attendees, Easter brunch has become a family tradition.

Kim Bauer, Director of Food and Beverage says, “You get to know them, they also come for Mother’s Day and a lot of them for Thanksgiving. Some of the same people you see throughout the year for birthday’s and our regular Sunday brunch. It’s very nice.”

Reservations aren’t required for tomorrow’s brunch, but with 600 people on the list, they come highly recommended.