Local Businesses Are Buzzing For Easter

“We have just been busy busy busy making tons of bunnies”

Some local business are buzzing for Easter,

One even says their chocolate bunnies are hopping off the shelves.

“It started out last weekend and hasn’t quit all week long, it’s been really a good season”

During the Easter season, it’s been non stop for places like the Sweet Shop in Cadillac.

People are swarming to get their perfect Easter gifts.

“It’s really the milk chocolate bunnies, people love to come in and buy them every year it’s become a family tradition for them and they say they’re kids are now in their thirties and they would be devastated if they didn’t get a sweet shop bunny”

But it’s not just the candy stores that see the boost.

Flower shops are also crazed with deliveries and walk in traffic.

“It’s been pretty busy, people are kind of realizing that Easter is Sunday and they have to get their Easter Lilies or their arrangements sent to grandmas or aunts or moms so they’re doing that today.”

Even though it’s cold and wet outside, the holiday has many thinking Spring.

“A lot of times on Easter they do Spring arrangements of Daffodils or Easter Lilies are a big thing, bulb gardens, everybody likes to have a bit of Spring for Easter.”

The time to get your last minute gifts is now.

The stores expect to be slammed tomorrow, so it’s best to get there bright and early.

“Tomorrow should be crazy busy, Our bunnies are hopping off the shelves.”