Iran Nuclear Deal Framework Breakdown

Despite all the obstacles, world leaders agreed on a framework for a nuclear deal with Iran.

So what does this deal look like?

The most important part is that it’s just a framework for a deal that will limit Iran’s nuclear program.

One of the main points is, it decreases Iran’s working uranium centrifuges.

These centrifuges are used to enrich uranium — which is necessary for nuclear power — and — nuclear bombs.

Right now, the country has 19,000 of them — but this plan decreases that number to 6,000.

Another main point is that under this plan, Iran’s nuclear facilities will now be open to United Nations inspectors.

And the country’s enriched stockpiles will be neutralized.

In return, this is what Iran get out of this agreement.

After Iran agree’s to this deal — crippling economic sanctions against the country will be lifted.

Both the U.S. and the European Union will lift the nuclear-related sanctions after the U.N. verifies the first steps have been taken.

But not everyone agrees with this framework for a deal.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu said Friday any deal with Iran threaten’s his country’s survival.