Feedback at 5:00: Playing the Lottery

We’ve all heard the saying — you can’t win the lottery if you don’t play.

One lucky London couple won more than million dollars a year ago, but they’re still playing.

And still winning.

For the second time in two years, Dave Long won $1.5 million.

They’re still living in the same house.

But he did quit his job.

What exactly are the odds of this happening?


About 283 billion to one.

Here’s a little perspective for you.

“If you asked the odds of the world ending at any given minute tomorrow, it’d be about the same odds, it’d be about the same odds of Elvis Presley playing a gig on the moon next week, I mean it is ridiculously long.”

But the big winners aren’t just across the pond.

A big ticket in Northern Michigan remains unclaimed tonight.

That three and a half million dollar ticket sold in Pellston in January.

Tonight we’re curious — do you play the lottery?

And if you have — have you ever won?

Big or small.

It’s tonight’s Feedback at 5:00.