Feedback at 5:00: Screening Program for Pilots

The investigation into Andreas Lubitz continues this week.

He is the pilot accused of intentionally crashing the Germanwings plane last week.

Now, many are wondering about monitoring pilots’ mental health.

Typically, they are tested for emotional stability and screened for mental illnesses.

But for some airlines including Lufthansa — that Lubitz flew for — psychological testing isn’t required after pilots are hired.

But recent events have some saying that should change and pilots should be screened more often, just as routine maintenance checks are done on planes.

In the U.S., pilots have medical exams once or twice a year — which includes questions about stress levels.

But even one pilot’s union says that’s not enough.

For tonight’s Feedback at 5:00 – we asked if you’re in favor of a more universal screening program for pilots.

If so, what should it look like.

And if not — why not?