Large Business Fire Takes All Night and Eight Crews to Put Out

“I guess you could say it was unreal. And then seeing it was it was all just couldn’t believe it,” Pallet Recycle Employee Matt Alghren said. He’s also the owner’s son.

Matt Alghren stayed up all night watching firefighters put out a fire that destroyed his family’s business.

“It kept you awake I can tell you that. It was a lot of adrenaline going through me. It was hard to watch.”

Firefighters were called to the scene just after 10 last night. This fire was rough for crews to battle since they couldn’t reach it directly.

“The block walls around it and metal roof over top of it that collapsed down so we couldn’t get water into the fire,” Pere Marquette Township Fire Chief Larry Gaylord said. “The roof actually isolated the fire from what we could bring in.”

Eight hours later, crews were finally able to get the large flames under control, even though the family business is a total loss.

The materials inside may have fueled the large flames.

“Put several hundred gallons of water on the fire and we did manage to stop it at this building.”

Pallet Recycle has been around for several generations, and employs 23 people.

“It was something my grandpa started 40 years ago so it was sad,” Alghren said.

The family hopes the legacy will carry on and can pick up working again as soon as possible.

“We’re trying to start working again next week in a week sometime with probably a limited number of employees maybe not all. But at least we can get a head start and still work so nobody is out of a job.”

Firefighters still aren’t sure what caused the fire, and a fire marshall will check it out on Monday.

They’re still investigating the total amount of damages.