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Promo Image: Hook and Hunting: Bird Feeders

Hook and Hunting: Bird Feeders

The start of spring means wildlife in Northern Michigan is becoming more active — especially birds.

The Department of Natural Resources has a few reminders for residents looking to put up bird feeders.

They should be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria from passing between birds, and placed high enough so animals — like bears — can’t reach them.

“Some people will take their bird feeders down only at night and put them up again during the day. That isn’t sufficient because the bears will continue to smell that bird seed dropped by the birds during the day, and they’ll continue to return even with that bird feeder down,” says Mark Boersen, DNR Wildlife Biologist

The DNR adds residents should always be careful when feeding any kind of wildlife. Natural food sources are plentiful in Northern Michigan, and should remain the main source wildlife relies on.

If problems start with wildlife in your yard, it’s likely because they smell a food source in the area. Beorsen says simple fixes like not leaving trash on the curb overnight, and cleaning a grill off after using it, should help prevent issues.