Soo Locks Open, Shipping Season Officially Starts

After a small delay due to ice in the St. Mary’s River, the shipping season officially started at the Soo Locks. 

But not without a little bit of trouble. 

The Edwin Gott was the first ship in the Locks Wednesday. 

But the ice was so think, The Gott had a hard time making its way all the way through. 

The 1,000 foot freighter was already held up downstream because of thick ice. 

The Coast Guard Cutter had to help the ship break through.

One self proclaimed “boat nerd” came from the Grand Rapids area just to see the Gott and for good reason.

She was a guest on the Gott last year.

“Oh, it’s a boat! We gotta get up here no matter what boat it is, but the Gott makes it extra special because we were able to have a week of experiencing the lifestyle on a Great Lakes freighter!” said Sandy Dyke. 

The Gott finally made its way through the locks around 9:15 p.m. Wednesday.

It’s headed toward Two Harbors, Minnesota.