Freezing Rain Causes Several Rollover Accidents

“We had a few accidents here in Osceola County. One on 115. We had a rollover, which caused some minor injuries and there was a couple on U.S.-131, which caused some injuries,” Osceola County Undersheriff Justin Halladay said.

Transitioning weather can be rough on drivers.

“Throughout winter, people really kind of get used to it and speeds kind of drop and slow down, but what we’ve had is some good weather for a while. And people with bad habits or summer habits creep back.”

“I’d rather us be late to school rather than some crazy freak accident from slipping all over the road or something,” Cadillac Java Employee Josie Goodman said.

Thick layers of ice on cars warned drivers that this morning’s freezing rain would make their commutes tricky.

“I had to get my snow scraper out from my trunk because I put it away and had to scrape that off. And it took, you know, a good 10 minutes to get that thick ice off there.”

The Osceola County Road Commission was out at 5:30 a.m. sanding the roads in preparation.

“I made sure yesterday afternoon all of our trucks that had sanders in them were ready to go out, you know stuff like that,” Commission Foreman Jerry Nelson said.

Even with prepared roads, freezing rain creates some of the most dangerous conditions for driving.

“It’s one of those things that people really have to be aware of and cognizant of how fast they’re driving and fast the people are around them,” Halladay said. “It’s not always just your speed, but your acceleration and your stopping. All those things have to be looked at when you’re driving on icy roads.”