Shepherd Community Continues to Help After Downtown Fire

A community working together to rebuild after a devastating fire destroyed several downtown businesses in Isabella County.

Fundraisers across Shepherd are springing up to help after a fire displaced several people.

So far, the community has raised over $9,000.

Several organizations have also donated food and clothes.

Running with Mt. Pleasant donated shoes to each family.

The police chief says the effort has drawn everyone in the community closer.

“The town and the folks here have done an amazing job,” says Michael Main, Village of Shepherd police chief. “I wouldn’t have expected anything less and I’m not surprised. Heartfelt, absolutely. Some of these folks just can’t believe what these people have done for them so it’s been real nice.”

If you’d like to chip in to help rebuild or give to those who lost their homes and businesses, donations can be sent to the Village of Shepherd Chamber of Commerce.