Well-Known TC Aviator Passes Away

A well-known female aviator living in Traverse City, passed away this week.

Bernice Trimble Steadman had a passion for flight, and had a number of achievements in her life.

During her years as a pilot, Steadman competed in international races.

In 1968, she was elected the president of the International Ninety Nines.

She is in the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame and Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame.

Steadman was a member of the Mercury Thirteen Astronaut Training Program, becoming one of the first women to train at NASA.

She was also the founder of the International Women’s Air and Space Museum in Cleveland.

“She was just a great lady. Everything that she did, she did well…. I never knew anything that she tried that she didn’t just succeed in, but excel in. She was my best friend, and I was her best friend,” said Bernice’s husband Robert Steadman.

Steadman was 89.

Her memorial service will be May 23 at Grace Episcopal Church in Traverse City.