Northern Michigan Police Warn People About Meth Lab Dump Sites

 Police across Northern Michigan are warning people to be aware of meth lab dump sites this spring. 

Police say as the snow banks continue to melt, the dangerous meth components could appear. 

Keep an eye out for boxes, bottles, or backpacks with tubing attached. 

They also say it’s safe to assume anything with a strong chemical odor could be dangerous. 

“You might find these out in the woods. In different times of the year, mushroom picking, just walking, might find it on the side of the road. These things get left anywhere and everywhere. Don’t touch it, don’t move it, just leave it there and report it to the local 911 center,” said Eric Sumpter, Michigan State Police. 

Moving the hazardous materials could disturb the chemicals and cause a fire or explosion. 

Police say it’s just best to call police if you think you’ve found a dumped lab.