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Hook and Hunting: DNR Considers New Lake Trout Regulations

As the lakes across the state start to melt, the DNR is talking about making some new lake trout regulations.

The new regulations would reduce the amount of catchable lake trout from three fish to two in some areas by Lake Michigan.

Or change the minimum lake trout size limit from 20 inches to 15.

The changes would apply to commercial and recreational anglers, but it wouldn’t affect trophy catches.

“The minimum size limit’s gonna go down to 15 in., so it’ll allow anglers to keep fish at maybe a smaller size,” said Scott Heintzelman, Central Lake Michigan Unit DNR.

The regulations could be enforced as early as April 9.

That’s when the Natural Resources Commission meets.

Since the DNR’s guidebook is already out, they’ll keep the public updated if new regulations are passed.