UPDATED: Convicted Murderer Erik Beauchamp Sentenced to Prison

“You took my only daughter that I loved so much. My life will never be the same.”

Emotional words from the mother of Lindsey Morgan.

Erik Beauchamp shot and killed her last year.

Wednesday, a judge sentenced Beauchamp to up to 60 years in prison for second degree murder.

The judge took into consideration not only the murder, but also the fact that Beauchamp killed a dog, assaulted an officer and more after the killing.

Beauchamp murdered his estranged girlfriend in Buckley last August.

At that time, police responded to call about a possible suicidal man in the woods.

Hours later, Beauchamp killed Morgan.

He then stole a truck and led police on a high-speed chase.

That ended in a standoff.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Jeff Blevins were in the courtroom and have on what Morgan’s family said during sentencing in Wednesday’s Top Story.


Emotions ran high and the air was tense inside the courtroom today as Erik Beauchamp learned he was going to prison for a long time.

Lindsey’s family says while they are pleased with the sentence, they hope it is enough to bring them closure.

“I miss her everyday I wake up,” said Judy Burley, Lindsey Morgan’s mother, as she spoke to Beauchamp in court. “No more phone calls. Never to hear her voice again. Never to see that smile she had that I’m really going to miss.”

The words of Lindsey Morgan’s family were harsh as they stood up in court to the man who murdered morgan.

“I hate you,” said Lindsey’s mother to Beauchamp. “Do you really realize what you have done?”

“There will never be a time I’ll ever be able to pass somebody on the side of the road and not have anxiety stripping through me,” said Amanda Brook, Lindsey’s friend, as she addressed Beauchamp.

Erik Beauchamp also spoke.

“I know I have affected all of you guys,” Beauchamp said. “I feel terrible for what I’ve done. I know that no matter what anybody does, Lindsey is gone and I apologize. I’m so sorry.”

He also apologized to police involved in his capture.

“I also would like to apologize to all of the law enforcement that I put in danger that day,” Beauchamp said. “You never find the people that you are looking for at the bottom of a bottle. I tried for years and I’m sorry.”

Lindsey’s family told Northern Michigan’s News Leader the apology is not enough.

“I don’t believe you can ever take the life of another person and still not feel sorry, although do the words sorry mean anything? No. They don’t,” Brooks says.

But Lindsey’s family says they can now start working to move forward.

“I’m glad it’s over,” Lindsey’s mother told 9&10 News. “He’s going away for a long time.”

“I’m happy with the sentence. Justice will never be served,” Brooks says. “It’ll never be over but now we have a little bit of closure and we can move on.”

…and remember the one they lost.

“She’d do anything for anybody. Just a happy person. She loved to have fun. She loved to challenge life and she was a beautiful person and I will miss her dearly,” says Burley.

Lindsey’s family is now working to get all of Lindsey’s children under one roof.

They say they have not been together since her funeral.


The sentencing of Erik Beauchamp brought mixed feelings to both Lindsey Morgan’s family and the prosecution.

The prosecuting attorney says the details of this case were some of the most horrific he has ever seen.

“It was the most brutal I’ve had occasion to be a part of,” said Wexford County prosecuting attorney Anthony Badovinac in the courtroom. “In the last 26 years that I’ve been an attorney, it was cruel, it was calculated, it went way beyond killing and way beyond murder. This was an execution.”

The air was tense in the courtroom as Erik Beauchamp heard his fate, months after killing Lindsey Morgan.

“Mr. Beauchamp, someone asked me that knew I had the sentencing today about Ms. Morgan: who is going to be the winner and who is going to be the loser?” said Judge Fagerman to Beauchamp. “I think I agree with you that everybody is a loser today.”

Thirty-seven and a half years in prison…up to 60 if he doesn’t make parole after that.

“I hate to say happy because no one wins in this. Nobody,” Badovinac said. “Society loses, the defendant loses, the victims lose. Everybody loses but I’m pleased the judge saw fit to go to the top of the guidelines, to the 37 and a half years. This crime warranted that.”

In the courtroom, Badovinac described the crime as a first for his career.

“Words like repugnant, heinous, grisly, blunt, gruesome come to mind, all of them are understatements,” Badovinac said.

The sentence bunches together the three other felony counts Beauchamp pleaded no contest to concurrently.


The man convicted of murdering a Wexford County woman last August learned his fate today.

A judge sentenced Erik Beauchamp to spend 37.5 years and up to 60 years behind bars for second degree murder. 

Erik Beauchamp shot and killed Lindsey Morgan in Buckley last summer.

In February, a jury found him guilty of second degree murder.

And last month, he pleaded no contest to three other felonies related to the crime: killing and torturing a dog, assaulting police and using a dangerous weapon.

In return, eight other felonies were dismissed.