Ferguson Sentenced to Life in Prison for Kalkaska County Double Murder

Family and friends broke down inside a Kalkaska County courtroom Tuesday morning as a judge sentenced Keith Ferguson to life in prison without parole.

That sentence is the harshest allowed under Michigan law.

This is a case Northern Michigan’s News Leader has been following since November– when Ferguson shot and killed his wife, Tiffany Ferguson and his father-in-law James Webber, in Kalkaska.

Earlier this month, Ferguson pleaded guilty to first and second degree murder.

As part of the plea deal, all other charges including kidnapping and explosives charges were dropped.

Police say Ferguson held a woman hostage for more than seven hours and had bombs.

“Do you have any idea of the emotional pain your kids have suffered and will continue to suffer their entire lives?” asked Carla Sieting, Tiffany’s best friend.

Sieting broke down into tears as she struggled to grasp what could have driven Ferguson to murder his wife, and mother of his children.

“You love them so much you murdered their mother and grandfather, why? You could have just taken your own life and saved these poor kids, their grandmother, friends and community horrific pain. Instead I see them cry and miss their mommy so much,” said Sieting.

Ferguson showed little emotion and said little.

“Just sentence me, kill me, whatever,” said Ferguson.”They have been through enough —they wouldn’t be good for me – I don’t want them to see me.”

The judge said Ferguson deserved the most serious punishment— life in prison without the chance for parole.

“You may not meet the clinical definition of insanity, but there is clearly something fundamentally wrong with you,” said George Mertz, Kalkaska County Circuit Court Judge.

And now those who knew Tiffany and James can finally begin to heal.

“There’s definitely closure. I feel that I got to speak to him when we were in the courtroom. I just prayed Tiffany would be here with me and guide me. I really felt like her arms were around me,” said Sieting.

The judge ordered Ferguson still have no contact with his kids or James wife, Shirley Webber.

Ferguson will likely be sent down to the prison in Jackson to start serving his sentence.