TC Realtors: Steady Growth Makes Now the Ideal Time to Sell Your House

Realtors in Grand Traverse County want you to sell your house… And it’s getting easier to do.

The Traverse Area Association of Realtors shows the region’s housing market’s seeing a period of steady growth.

It’s getting easier for sellers to sell at better prices.

And buyers are still getting a break too.

Reporter Charlie Tinker looked into the trends…


A growing number of for sale signs on any given block: a symptom of the steady gains seen over the last four years across the grand traverse area real estate market.

“This kind of just continues to show the trend of how this area is going, both economically and from a development standpoint,” said Kent Wood of the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce.

A recent report shows 22 more houses were sold in February of this year than last year–since 2012, sales in that month have shot up by nearly $8,000,000.

“This kind of steady growth as opposed to big swings–that’s what I’m looking forward to,” said Bart Ford, a managing broker with Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors in Traverse City. “When you get into those big swings, it gets scary.”

It’s that comfortable growth that’s helping realtors like Ford.

Since 2012, the numbers have been eye-popping.

“In 2013 we did 811 sales for 139 million and that was a great year,” related Ford. “Last year was the best year that we’ve had… we did 818 transactions for 162 million… we’re just trying to keep up in 2015.”

Realtors say it’s tough to pinpoint one, specific reason for the gains –part of it, they say, is the region’s changing appeal.

“We are expanding opportunities to live, work and play across different industries,” said Wood.

Historically low interest rates for buyers… And for sellers?

“If you’re thinking about selling your home, I would do it now,” advised Ford. “Our inventory continues to be low… if you have something that’s priced realistically in a good area, it will sell and it well sell for more than it did last year.”

It’s not just that a lot of houses are being sold either–we’re not just talking about growth…

Because of the scarcity, these houses are being unloaded in record time.