Jack’s Journal: Rent-A-Chicken

It’s all about the chickens and the Suitor family is all about the chickens.

"We love doing it, it’s a joyful experience," said Leslie Suitor. 

Yes the joy of bringing chickens to the public. When Traverse City changed zoning to allow back yard chickens a few years back, Leslie was bombarded with questions from friends and acquaintances who knew the family raised chickens.

That’s when Leslie said, "I said ya know, it would be nice if they could rent to own, and from that harebrained idea we started Rent-A-Chicken the following spring."

It’s turn key, everything you need chickens, coop, training and support. And when it’s chicken delivery day it seems the whole neighborhood is clucking!

"Chickens are fun, they are funny. Great to talk about. Every body wants to talk about chickens and when we deliver it’s like Christmas!" said Leslie.

Chickens, I am told are inquisitive and curious. They will follow you around. They are good with pets. Rent-A-Chicken now has clients here in the north and the Detroit area, and they are setting up a network for Illinois and Colorado! Chickens are easy to care for, I am told. As easy as goldfish!

Leslie said, "You do have to check on them every day. You have to gather the eggs everyday. Change water everyday. Make sure they are OK. So you can’t go out of town for a week. If you do, find a chicken sitter, which is not a problem, because people are interested in chickens."

And Rent-A-Chicken has gotten attention from all over the world. They’ve even done an interview for a newspaper in Poland! Check them out on Facebook or Rent-A-Chicken.net.

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