Sightseeing in Northern Michigan: Frederik Mejier Gardens Butterfly Exhibition

For Sightseeing in Michigan we’re taking a trip to the tropics.

The tropics of the butterfly exhibition at the Frederik Mejier Gardens and Sculpture Park.

Thousands of butterflies there are hatching and the temperature is 85 degrees.

Corey Adkins gives us a tour…

This exhibit over the last 20 years has just become an icon of spring in west Michigan. We come off of winter and this February being hard and cold, but when you come into this room and into the conservatory and see the butterflies you’re in a different world. It is such a relieve. It is warm, it is humid, you can smell plants blooming, its green its lush and butterflies are flying around its just, you are transported.

This year we are featuring butterflies from central and South America. I notice it when people come through here they just sit on benches and watch and sometimes I see people come in the conservatory through out the day.

We do have butterflies emerging from the chrysalis all day long, and you can see that in the emergence area, and yes people have observed them emerging from the chrysalis hanging wings hardening. They’ve been able to see the whole process.

I never get tired of watching this, butterflies are happy. You’re right, they just have a happiness about them. You can’t stay down for too long when you are watching butterflies and flowers and hearing children.