LSSU’s Aquatic Research Lab May See a $12 Million Expansion

Governor Snyder wants to make Lake Superior State’s Aquatic Research Lab a priority in 2015

He recommended $12 million dollars in funding for a center for freshwater research.

That would mean a major expansion to the existing lab on LSSU’s Sault Ste. Marie campus.

“It will greatly increase the capacity, what we can do, opportunities…this is a long term investment it will effect students for decades,” said Kevin Kapuscinski, Assistant Professor and Co. Director of the Aquatic Research Lab.

The lab says a proposed expansion could mean more research, and more opportunities for students.

“For us to be able to train in all aspects of hatcheries, there’s only a few in the country for undergrads and we are one of them Our gear is getting old it will bring that up improve our production by 15 to 20%  it will just give us a little more fine tuning and up to date,” said Roger Greil, Manager of the Aquatic Research Lab.

The research lab already teams up with the DNR to do important work on fisheries, giving students a real-world experience.

“It’s very valuable to our students just to have the hands and the DNR does know what were up to and a lot of hires within the state of Michigan hire our students because they have the hands on experience.”

“I think it’s a great investment especially if it’s bigger than now, more equipment more raceways to raise fish, brings more people,” said Kyle Bricco, Student.