U-M Will Not Recognize Sigma Alpha Mu on Campus, Sanctions Placed on Chapter

The University of Michigan will no longer recognize the fraternity involved in vandalism at Treetops Resort in January. 

Also announced today, Treetops Resort says the Greek organizations did $250,000 in damages. That’s more than double the original estimate of $100,000. 

U-M says Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity, which took responsibility for the damage, will not be recognized as an organization on campus for four years. This separation is the most severe sanction that can be placed on a Greek or student organization at the University. 

Michigan has asked the national fraternity office to revoke the U-M chapter charter and add more sanctions on the fraternity. 

In addition to separating from the school, Sigma Alpha Mu will face Michigan sanctions including, but not limited to: paying full restitution to Treetops; participate in restorative measures in Gaylord; having extensive alcohol and drug abuse, bystander intervention, sexual misconduct and risk management education programs; and more. Full sanctions on Sigma Alpha Mu can be found here

Members of Sigma Delta Tau sorority stood by and allowed other to damage property at Treetops. The sorority has been placed on disciplinary suspension for two years. Sigma Delta Tau will be separated from the university for this period of time. U-M has placed sanctions on the sorority, too. Sigma Delta Tau’s sanctions are similar to those placed on Sigma Alpha Mu. Details here

University of Michigan is using all means available to hold those accountable for the vandalism. 

Michigan State Police are continuing to investigate.  For more on Friday’s update, click here

“It sounds like the school is taking it seriously, but somebody’s still gotta pay for it its a criminal action it has to be taken care of,” said Gaylord resident Bruce Brown.

Community members Friday say they are happy to hear the University of Michigan is taking action.

They announced Friday all organizations involved will be punished, and the university president announced Sigma Alpha Mu will be banned from campus for four years.  

But the problem, is still far from fixed.

“We were under the impression that the fraternity would make us whole and it now appears that’s not gonna happen we’ve been instructed we should pursue our insurance claim,” said Treetops manager Barry Owens. 

Treetops says they have only been reimbursed $25,000 from the fraternity. And the cost of the damage has gone way up.

“If you just look at our out of pocket expenses, things we’ve paid to contractors, third parties, it’s around $230,000. It doesn’t take into considerations management time damage to reputation, accountants and attorneys saying another $200,000. We’re talking a total of $430,000 this will impact our operation and were not big bough to shoulder that.”

He says they want to see people held accountable.

“We are interested in pressing charges. There has been malicious destruction of property, and I have confidence in state police.”