Rudyard Schools Faculty Disappointed Millage Fails

 A school disappointed and looking for answers after a bond proposal failed, again, last night.  

The $3.8 million dollar bond proposal would have meant a new roof, buses and new computers.

This time, the Rudyard Area Schools proposal failed by less than 60 votes.

306 in favor, to 365 against.

“I can’t go to the bank and ask for a home improvement loan.. For us we need to go to the tax payers. And our home needs improvement,” said Mark Pavloski, Superintendent.

A disappointing day for students and faculty at Rudyard Area Schools.

The school is in a dire need for things like this a roof, falling apart.

Something the bond would have covered.

“It’s pretty common to walk down our hallway, especially in Spring to see buckets set up and trash cans in the hallway, it’s gotta be hard for our kids to walk down the hallways seeing buckets, trash cans and the ceilings falling apart and we can’t do anything about it,” said Kurt Kwiatkowski, Teacher.

“Why would you vote no? We’ve been talking 2 years now and I think they don’t understand the severity, it really effects our education and our learning environment, who wants to learn when you have 5 buckets in the classroom when you could not be worrying about the drip,” said student, Mason Stierley.

The superintendent says along with the roof, they needed computers to meet state standards.  

The money has to come from somewhere.

“We do need to get this millage passed, we will regroup and get input from the public, why no? What is your beef with this? What do we need to do to change this so you will support this? It’s for the kids.”

We did speak to people who voted no — off camera. They say they do believe the roof is a priority.

But would like to see a smaller, more specific bond proposal in the future.