Snow Days Keep Child Care Centers Busy

Many schools chose to cancel class yet again on Monday — as the cold hangs on.

This was the third snow day in a row for many Northern Michigan schools.

But mom and dad still have to work, so daycare facilities are swamped on snow days.

“Today was really busy and kind of crazy,” said Kitty Schechter, Director of Angel Care Preschool and Child Care.

“We had a lot of calls early in the morning from parents saying they would like to bring their child in because there is no school,” said Sheila Anderson, Director of Little Ones Child Care and Preschool.

Sheila Anderson, Director of Little Ones Child Care and Preschool, says on Monday she had to make some adjustments to her staffing.

“The staff knows their schedules are flexible. They may be called in earlier or have to stay a little bit later— depending on how much kids actually come in,” said Anderson.

And for places like Angel Care Preschool and Child Care, snow days also require a quick menu change.

“We have to rearrange and know that we have to keep extra food in stock,” said Schechter. “We have to make sure I get here early so I can go over those things and listen to messages from parents and staff.”