Pizza Delivery Drivers Face Frigid Temps On the Job

No matter the weather, people get hungry.

And being a pizza delivery driver in subzero temperatures is certainly no picnic.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and intern David Lyden rode along on a few deliveries and have more details.


It’s a job that sees more business as things get even colder.

When a person calls to order a pizza, drivers deliver it, despite anything Mother Nature might throw at them.

“I just enjoy driving, personally. All weather. Every day.”

Pizza delivery drivers like Michael Decare at Cadillac’s BC Pizza earn their pay by delivering food.

The trick is doing it safely in frigid conditions.

“It’s cold,” Decare said. “You just got to get used to the shock of getting in and out of a warm vehicle into the cold and then coming back here.”

Michael and his fellow drivers make hundreds of stops a week.

When the temperature falls below zero every day, it’s tough.

“I’ve worked here for almost a year, never canceled a delivery,” Decare said. “Never stopped. Just try to keep them going.”

You can’t always make it into the actual pizza place, especially on a day when it is cold outside so, as you can imagine, pizza delivery boys are often the go-to.

“Always prepared,” said Daniel Mienhardt, a manager at BC Pizza. “It may take longer than the hour we tell you due to weather but we’ll more than likely be delivering to you still.”

Daniel says the business has only shut down for weather a handful of times during 13 years of service.

“It’s just like your volunteer firefighters, EMT’s, your mailman, even,” Mienhardt says. “It’s something that you don’t really pay attention to but it does come down to, you know, they’re the ones out there, putting their lives on the road, basically, to get to you to bring you your pizza.”

The guys at BC Pizza say it also helps them stay warm if you have your money ready before they get there.