Veteran’s Assistance Fair Offers Resources to Local Veterans

A veteran’s assistance fair today showed those who served our nation the resources out there to help them in return.

It’s the first of its kind in Cheboygan, and hosted by Congressman Dan Benishek.

“Many veterans in Michigan don’t know what they’re eligible for and this is an event we put together so people in the area could come and learn more about it,” said Congressman Dan Benishek. 

Dr Dan Benishek says today’s event was a much needed in the community full of veterans.

All resources they need under one roof.

“In Northern Michigan in the district, The 1st District, we have more veterans in ours than every other district in the country other than 14. Our veterans are scattered all over the place and they got a long way to go to get care, we want to make it easier for those guys to get care,” said Benishek. 

Different groups from around the state were on hand to educate veterans on programs available to them.

And people were on site to file claims and answer questions.

“It’s honoring our veterans, we need to take care of them. And a lot of them don’t ask for help and we gotta find ways to get them the help that they need. Sometimes they feel all alone and this is a good place to know there are people out there thinking of them and trying to help them,” said Duke Mayo, a local veteran.

Vietnam Vets of America asks if a veteran is out there needing help, speak up.

“For the veterans those of you sitting back and hiding, you need to come out see one of us, we’ll point you in the right direction and let’s get treatment started so you can live a better life.,” said Ray Essenmacher, Vietnam Vets of America.

For people who weren’t able to attend today’s fair, but are in need of some help, you’re encouraged to contact your local Veteran Affairs Office.