Proposed Bills Prohibit Drone Use For And Interfering With Hunting, DNR Weighs In

Drone use has been the subject of debate across the country.

And it’s now affecting Michigan hunters.

The Michigan Senate approved two bills this week that prohibit hunters from using drones as well as those who want to interfere with a hunt.

The Michigan DNR says this would prevent hunters from using drones to take game.

It means they cannot use it to rally waterfowl or herd and harvest animals.

The second bill would stop people from interfering with a legal hunt using a drone.

They say Michigan has not had many problems with drones and these bills are a preventative measure.

“For recreational hunting, we always want to keep in mind that it’s fair chase, so that is part of it (coming) into play — is the hunter giving the animal a fair chase situation? And more technology sometimes enters into that,” said DNR Lt. David Shaw.

Shaw says similar laws have passed in some western states.

The bills are now on their way to the state house.