Dropping Temps And Whipping Winds Create Problems On The Roads

Along with dropping temperatures, the whipping wind is relentless.

It’s causing serious issues for drivers, and those who come to their rescue.

Towing companies say they’ve been extremely busy this week.

One in Cadillac says they’ve responded to more than 100 calls since Saturday — mostly slide-offs, accidents and break downs.

They say low visibility is the biggest issue.

“The blowing snow … added with the cold … that’s a good reason to stay home,” said Alex Beeman, owner of Beeman’s Towing and Recovery in Cadillac. “Just don’t go out if you don’t have to”

It happens in an instant.

You’re driving down a highway, it’s clear, and then all of the sudden, you hit a wall of white, blowing snow.

It’s played a role in many accidents this week.

“They’re traveling too fast for conditions, maybe their tires aren’t the greatest — a lot of factors like that,” Beeman said.

When you can’t see what’s in front of you, your vehicle could look like this.

Beeman’s Towing says this car ran into white out conditions on US-131 and rear ended a road commission plow truck.

Drivers should do everything they can to see, and be seen.

“Turn the headlights on and just take extreme care when they’re driving — slow down and give themselves an extra few minutes to travel,” Beeman said.

Those working outside every night may have the best winter driving advice.

Pizza delivery drivers say these conditions are unpredictable.

They try to stay warm and be cautious.

“A lot of people (are) sliding all over. I’d advise slowing down keep, your headlights on, turn signals early, brake early, just in case you can’t,” said Mike DeCare, a driver at BC Pizza in Cadillac. “Keep hat, gloves, a blanket — keep the heat on on the floor all the time — try to stay warm (and) bundle up.”

They also say it’s important to keep a working cell phone and at least a half of tank of gas in the car at all times.