Otsego County Power Plant Construction Will Begin Summer 2015

Plans for a natural gas power plant near Gaylord are moving forward.
Plans that are not getting one hundred percent support.

Wolverine Power Cooperative proposed this plant to the county in October.

The plant would be just off of M-32 between Elmira and Gaylord in Otsego County.

The Alpine Power Plant would be built on nearly 170 acres of land.  

The county approved rezoning requests and the plan has gotten all the local approval it needs… bringing the Wolverine Power Plant closer to becoming a reality.  

“The detailed design was approved in December, the rezone was approved in November and that allowed us to hit some very major goals deadlines,” said Ken Bradstreet, Energy Consultant for Wolverine Power Cooperative.

Wolverine Power Cooperative says their power plant has been approved at the local level – now they can move forward.

They hope to start construction this summer.

“We would start construction this summer, once you get the permit from the DEQ the air quality permit, major construction can commence and and follows a lot of foundation work before the turbines arrive in December.”

“It’s gonna be a big boom not only to help with energy capacity but also to taxes collected  here. Year 1 were looking at approximately $260,000 but now the project could be bigger it could come in higher than that, its really exciting,” said John Burt, County Administrator. 

And while the county is excited for the project, those like the hart family are dreading the project.

“The power plant is gonna be 600-700 feet away from our property. We have a vineyard started there and our grandkids play on snowmobiles and stuff like that,” said Bob and Vallery Hart.

They say they worry about living too close to the plant, and want to move.

“We don’t know if were gonna be able to sell, and if we cant sell what happens?”

Wolverine plans to have the plant running by the summer of 2016.