Disagreement Between TCAPS and Former Wrestling Coach Over Resignation

Traverse City Public Schools say a high school wrestling coach has resigned — over something inappropriate during a practice.

But the coach disagrees.

TCAPS says Nash Myers had the option to resign or be fired after a student suffered a concussion during Monday’s practice.

They say Myers used a drill as a disciplinary action, which is against district rules.

And they say there were already concerns about Myers’ performance.

TCAPS communications director Christine Guitar says, “I think that it’s important that our student athletes are the main focus and it’s critical that their safety is maintained in a practice environment as well as in a meet or anywhere else, and wherever there is a concern for that I think we took the appropriate action which was to remove the coach.”

Myers did issue this statement saying “I have not resigned as the head coach of wrestling at TC West. I disagree with the representation of the facts by TCAPS at this time.”

The wrestling team won district title Wednesday night.

According to the district — this isn’t the first time TCAPS reported an issue with the way former Coach Nash Myers instructed his team.

Back in December, the district gave him a warning for not following TCAPS policies and procedures.

TCAPS also says there were some wrestlers practicing without a required sports physical on file.