Michigan Landfill Waste Increases Nearly Six Percent in 2014

Recycling is good for the environment — but a report shows that more needs to be done in Michigan.

The Department of Environmental Quality’s annual report shows the volume of solid waste sent to Michigan landfills increased by almost six percent last year.

That equates to about two million cubic yards of more waste.

They say this could be a sign the economy’s improving.

It’s also a sign that people need to recycle more.

Ms. Green in Cadillac accepts people’s recyclables for free and they know more can be done.

“We should recycle more because it’s saving, helping the planet out, and it’s cheaper and it’s the way of the future,” said Luke Mattison, part-owner of Ms. Green recycling.

the DEQ reports about $435 million worth of recyclables are sent to landfills each year.