Trailer and Tires Stolen from Wexford County Car Lot

 A Wexford County car dealership is stunned and determined to catch a thief.

The car dealership’s owners are now trying to piece together a theft that’s left them speechless.

Galvanek’s Auto Sales in Cadillac says someone stole a utility trailer from their new location on M-115 Sunday morning and then drove over to their other location on M-55 and took off with tires from 11 cars.

“The other locations been in business 37 years and we’ve been here since August, this is the first incident that we’ve had here since I’ve been here,” says Mark Goethals, a manager at Galvanek’s.

Sunday morning Galvanek’s received a call from someone who stopped by their lot on M-55 to check out a car and noticed vehicles without wheels. But looking back at surveillance video, the theft all started at their lot on M-115. “Shortly after 4:00 there was a vehicle came into the lot, it looked like it was an S-10 vehicle, turned around twice, left the lot and came back at around 8 minutes after 4 and hooked up to a black utility trailer on the lot, was here 6 minutes and drove off,” says Goethals.

They say the man was on a mission. “Yes he was, he went out to our other lot on M-55 and took tires and wheels off 11 vehicles,” says Goethals.

Their auction lot was where most of the cars were targeted. The actions taken by the thief took some time and effort. Goethals says, “You have to jack them up, remove lug nuts, and then take the wheels off and then put them in the trailer that was just taken from us here at this location.”

They say the man was driving a dark colored S-10 pickup truck. The trailer is worth $1,800 and the tires taken from each car adds up to $500 to $600 per vehicle. “I just couldn’t believe that it happened. I just moved the trailers the day before that happened from a different location to right here where they’re at,” says Goethals.

They are now looking to their community for help identifying whoever did this. “For future business, let people know that if we can track him down through security, that we are watching and we don’t want this to happen again,” says Goethals.

Galvanek’s says they are offering a $500 reward that will lead to an arrest.

If you have any information about this theft, contact Wexford County Sheriff’s Department at 231-779-9211.