UPDATED: Microwave Causes Missaukee County House Fire

“I just lost everything I had.”

A microwave oven sparked a fire inside this Missaukee County home.

By the time fire crews got there, there was nothing left.

The owner of the home says he put a cup of coffee in the microwave and then walked away for a few moments.

When he came back, he says all he saw was smoke and fire.

The microwave fire started at 9 a.m. inside a mobile home on N. Blodgett Road in Caldwell Township.

9&10’s Cody Boyer spoke with the homeowner and has more details with tonight’s top story.


It only took a few minutes for the rest of Walter Mullins’ mobile home to go up in flames after he says it sparked from his microwave.

No one was hurt, but several pets inside did not make it out.

“Put it this way, if I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all,” Mullins said.

Walter says it all happened so fast, a short time after seeing his daughter off to school.

“I put a cup of coffee in the microwave,” Mullins said. “I got the coffee out and went to the bedroom to get my heart pills. The microwave just caught on fire.”

The fire spread from the microwave to the wall in a matter of seconds.

That’s when Walter says he started throwing water on it.

“I tried to get the fire out but I just couldn’t breathe.”

Three fire departments struggled against dense smoke and high winds.

There wasn’t anything left to save.

“They called us probably within five minutes of the fire and my on-time was five minutes, myself, so within ten minutes it was fully involved,” said Bill Morley, Lake Missaukee fire chief.

Walter says they managed to save one of their dogs, but another dog, two cats and their 20-year-old cockatoo did not make it out.

He says his house was not insured and he is holding onto everything he has left.

“I ain’t got nothing,” Mullins said. “I got a motor home out back but I don’t think it’s going to keep me warm. The only thing I got left is my daughter. That’s the main thing.”

The owner says his microwave was about 20 years old.

The Lake Missaukee fire chief says older microwaves are not as safe as today’s models.


An old home in Missaukee County was destroyed by fire Monday morning.

The owner says it started from a microwave.

Firefighters responded to the home on N Blodgett Road in Caldwell Township just after 9:00 a.m. Monday.

Cody Boyer spoke with the owner who said he was making a cup of coffee when he walked away from the kitchen. When he came back — the microwave was on fire, along with part of the wall.

Despite fire crews arriving in minutes, the home was quickly consumed and destroyed.

No one was hurt, but the owner says a cockatoo, several dogs and cats were trapped inside.

We will have continuing coverage on the fire tonight on 9&10 News at 6:00.