Beauchamp Faces Eleven Felony Charges After Murder Verdict

“They looked at the evidence and decided what they wanted to do and did.”

Erik Beauchamp is now waiting to find out how long he’ll be in prison after a jury convicted him of second-degree murder.

…and the prosecutor says Beauchamp still faces many other felony charges.

Beauchamp shot and killed Lindsey Morgan in Buckley last August.

He was convicted yesterday.

The murder trial may be over, but the prosecutor says Beauchamp still faces 11 more charges, all in Wexford County.

They include fleeing police, assault with a dangerous weapon, home invasion, multiple counts of felony firearms and even killing a dog.

While the prosecutor was pushing for a first-degree murder conviction, he says the second degree verdict yesterday was fair.

“Am I surprised? No,” said Tony Badovinic, Wexford County Prosecutor. “A murder conviction is a murder conviction and that’s what we indicated he was guilty of from the get-go and he’s been found guilty of murder so that’s a good thing.”

The prosecutor says Beauchamp’s sentencing date for the second-degree murder conviction will be decided in three to four weeks.