Cigarette Butts Cause Cadillac Fire, Responders Quickly Contain

The Cadillac Fire Department says cigarette butts in a kitchen drawer started a house fire.

The fire department says a two-unit rental home caught on fire in Cadillac on Monday morning.  

A child inside first noticed there was a fire and got everyone out of the unit.

One man was treated for smoke inhalation after going back in the home for personal belongings.

The fire department says the home had smoke detectors, but one did not have working batteries.

They remind everyone to check your smoke detectors and replace the batteries twice a year and never re-enter a burning building.

“Get out. Stay out. Do not ever go back in under any circumstances. The best chance of surviving a fire is to have working smoke alarms in your house,” said Anthony Wolff, Cadillac Fire Marshal.

The fire marshal says if you do choose to smoke in the house, use deep ash trays and dispose of the cooled cigarette butts in an outside trash can.

The fire department contained this fire in about ten minutes, Wolff said.